www.PCH.com/w71 : PCH w71 $5000 A Week For Life

PCH.com now has a ongoing sweepstakes for winning $5000 every week for life at www.PCH.com/w71. There are 50 cash winners will be confirmed from a w-71 notice. Will you be one of them? If you have received a PCH postcard, you can now go to www.pch.com/w71 and enter the authorization code found on your postcard and your registration information includes your Title,  First Name, Last Name, Your address, City, State, Your zip, Email and your date of birth then click on the button"Continue". Please read the private policy before you submit this information.

If you don't have the authorization code and want a entry opportunity to win one of these cash prizes, don't wait - write in as often as you like to enter their ongoing PCH sweepstakes at: 101 Winners Circle, Port Washington, NY 11053-4016. After that, you can receive a postcard to respond immediately to www.pch.com/w71.

To participate in this sweepstakes, there is no purchase or fee to require. And everyone's chance of winning is equal. More questions about PCH, check out the PCH online Official Rules link: http://rules.pch.com/viewrulesfacts?mailid=2012PostcardW75Reg


  1. Dear PCH,I really need to win this $5000 a week, because my daughter is going through a lot. We went to the doctor and they told me she has scoliosis. It is an abnormal curving of the spine. I'm so proud of her, she was so sad when she heard the news. But she is trying to finish school. In 2014 she is graduating from high school. We need this money for her college. It's so hard for us. She really wannts to go to college. She wants to major in animation, she draws very well. And a voice actor. One day she wants to write children books. Please, Please Help us.

  2. pch it would be a true blessing to win some money to get out of dept and to stay paid up on my bills so tired of struggling a dream come true.

  3. Please enter the Authorization Code found on your postcard.

  4. With that much money ($5000 a wk for life) couldn't you give a little to everyone who enters. With times being as hard as they are we could all use something.

    1. replying for my elderly grandmother-she insisted I put this in for her-the way you get hopes up are tragic! as if she could decipher all your BULLSHIT! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE! big F-BOMB! hope yall sleep at night-would you do it to your own?

  5. I am the mother of 6 beautiful children just being given the opportunity to take part in pch brings me much joy I love playing I hope to win someday so I can take my family on a nice vacation =-)

  6. I would like to win so I can prove to people that this isn't a scam