Visa Card Rewards

To enjoy the rewards of shopping with Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa Card!

When you use your Coldwater Creek Visa Card at Coldwater Creek, every $1 you spend, you will earn 5 points. And you can also earn 1 point for every $1 you spend anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. $20 reward with every 2,000 points. Plus first Coldwater Creek purchase with your visa card, get 20% off.

How To Apply For A Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa Card Online

1.Go to, click on the button“apply now”.

2.Complete the application form by providing your valid personal information includes your name, address, Zip code, email address, annual income, Social Security Number, Verification information, etc..

3.Read the credit terms and Privacy Policy listed, if you agree with them, tick the check box, then click on the button"Submit Now”

4.Once ratified, the Coldwater Creek Visa Card will be send by mail to you.

1 comment:

  1. There is something that needs to be clarified about this reward program. When a customer uses the $20 reward at a Coldwater Creek store for an item that is on sale, they first deduct the $20 coupon off the list price and then they ring up the remaining amount applying the sales percentage off. It is really not a total cash back like other cards are.