Enter www.Tellihop.com & Get A IHOP Coupon

Did you have wonderful dining experience at IHOP restaurant? Did you have a comment about the store you visited? It's easy to send your thoughts and opinions to the IHOP management team online at www.tellihop.com. The IHOP survey site is designed to collect customers’ feedbacks on their IHOP dining experience. Upon completion of the online survey, you will receive a code that you can redeem for the offer printed on your receipt at participating IHOP restaurants. Is it worth your 3-5 minutes?

Follow those easy steps to participate in the survey:

1. Call 1-800-650-8330 or visit www.tellihop.com within 3 days.

2.Choose your language from English and Spelish and click on the next button.

3. Enter the survey code printed on your invitation.

3. Complete the brief survey.

4. Write down the coupon code (you received) on the space provided on your survey invitation.

5. Bring this receipt to ihop and enjoy.

You must redeem for the offer within 4 months from the date on this receipt. Limit one coupon per check.


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  3. Ihop sucks, got disconnected during thier survey and they wont let me finish, whats fhe use of a survey if you dont let the customer give you all the facts? Wont go back

  4. 1. In RE: "Choose your language from English and Spelish and click on the next button.", what is "Spelish"?

    2. The cashier usually attempts to keep the receipt with the survey. You have to ask for it.

    3. What is the hell does a comment about Sprint have to do with this thread?

  5. Store#4783 each time I've eaten there. Me and my guest noticed that when someomeone comes in with female and male together they are treated different as opposed to when its just two woman. That is not fair. I believe they do it because they presume the male customer will tip them better.

  6. store # 3412 Lindale tx.
    We have been coming in there since the doors opened a few months ago and was very excited about the new ihop in town.. we have
    watched it go from not so good and receiving cold food to really good in the past couple of months. But every now and then we still get cold food . the employees are all very sweet on both days and nights although they come and go there are a certain few that have been there since the beginning and are excellent especially the morning girls in fact a couple of them need to be promoted in our opinion but also our opinion you need some older people on the nights that care.. and we don't want anyone to feel bad so we don't specifically asked for anyone when we come to dine so we think we have had every waitress . We also highly suggest you need a hostess on Friday mornings because everyone seems to struggle with seating us because. they're busy with their tables and ,we have noticed that the teamwork is getting better but still needs a lot of work it seems like a few of the certain girls do most of the work..and we have noticed that some of the waitress leave their tables dirty so they won't get more tables but yet still won't help the others clear there tables which makes the whole restaurant look cluttered
    keep up the good work

  7. I am cut off when entering code, or wrong code was given on the receipt what is the problem?

  8. Cut off. Didn't get coupon code.
    Completing the survey turned out to be a huge waste of valuable time and effort.
    However I did get to "sharpen" my literary skills. (tongue in cheek)