Enter www.Talktokfc.com Survey For An iPad Tablet Computer

Do you have wonderful or terrible dining experience at KFC restaurant? Do you have any comments about the store you visited? The www.talktokfc.com would be worth your time to visit, where is a good place to send your thoughts and opinions to the KFC management team. At the survey site, in order to send your feedback to appropriate KFC restaurant, you will need to enter the restaurant number(also known as shop number or store number) located on your recent KFC receipt and answer a few survey questions about your last meal there. Upon completion of this survey, you will automatically receive a chance to win an iPad tablet computer(worth about $500). This KFC Customer Opinion  sweepstakes opens each week. Good luck!

Follow those easy steps to participate in the survey:

1. Visit www.talktokfc.com and click Enter to continue.

2.Locate and enter the restaurant number and click on the next button.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the brief survey.

You can also call 1.888.731.4465 to rigister your opinions, you have the same chance to win.

Note: You must be a resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and 18 or older.

As we all know, KFC is a world famous fried chicken fast food chain which has about 10000 restaurants around the world. Menu options include chicken meals, bucket meals, kid's meals, sandwich, snacks, pasras and salads, and more.


  1. Your survey was a scam to such info from your customers. Shame on you. The col would roll over in his grave if he knew!!!

    1. They get all the info your worried about every time you use your debit card. The info they want its your satisfaction on various matters. The banks however make millions on sharing info to companies that want it. No scam from KFC.

  2. Bear chicken I ever tasted

  3. I have always loved kfc chic and I have done comparisomes to most most of the other chic companys like popeyes ,and fast foods like burger king, wendyes rallyes. the rallyes came close but for me kfc allways it will be.

  4. I always loved Kfc it is very good it is just as good as burger king and mac donalds I would recommend toeat their

  5. Best chicken ever. Eat there all the time.

  6. Our family just loves the Tuesday and Wednesday specials and we anticipate those meals as though a celebration was being held for us. Best chicken ever and we are in love with your coleslaw! The extra-crispy chicken coating can't be beat. June

  7. I spent a good amount of time to complete your survey just to find out the 1000 dollar offer was no longer available. thanks for wasting my time!