www.Mydish.com/getonlinebonus : Get My DISH Online Bonus Discount

If you have purchased a qualifying DISH Programming Package recently, there would be a online bonus discount for you, including $5, $10, or $15/month discount. Here is how it works!

Go to www.Mydish.com/getonlinebonus within 45 days from the date on your DISH service is installed and activated, enter your existing Mydish.com Online ID and Password to access your account. Then select the "Get Online Bonus Discount" link to the left. If you are eligble to receive the discount and accept the Terms and Conditions, check the “I ACCEPT” box and click submit. You will see the confirmation information right now.

If you do not have an Mydish.com Online ID, you can also create one now by clicking on the red button "Create Online ID" on the site: www.Mydish.com/getonlinebonus.


  1. This process is very hard if not impossible to complete and I am very disappointed that dish did not do this themselves instead of putting its customers through this.

  2. This is awful, have been working on this a week for my Mom. SO DISAPPOINTED !!!!!!!

  3. I am Extremely Disappointed with dish i have been working on this for quite sometime and i have yet to get connected and i wish they wuld take the time to help the customers with this process.