www.djgusa.com/registration/carseat/us : Dorel US Car Seat Online Registration

After you purchase a Dorel brand car seat product, you will be required to mail in the registration card that came with your car seat. This is done to make contacting you super simple in case of a recall or other. If feel troublesome,  Dorel US now makes it easy for you to register your product online at www.djgusa.com/registration/carseat/us, for non-car seat product registration, go to www.djgusa.com/registration/other/us.

To register your car seat online, you will need to provide the model number, model name, MFG line number and date of manufacture that is printed on the registration card and some of your personal information.

If you are a Dorel customer from Canada, please visit http://www.djgusa.com/usa/eng/Registration-Car-Seat-Canadian.

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