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www.Tellcoles.com.au is the website to enter the Tell Coles Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you made a purchase at Coles Supermarkets recently, you can now go to the above website to take part in the customer survey within 48 hours. Upon completion of the survey, you will get $5 off when you spend $100 or more next time PLUS a chance to win $1,000 worth of Coles groceries every month in every state.

To begin the survey, please have your Coles receipt handy and enter following information:

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4. Date.

The competition is open to Australian residents who are aged 16 years & over who have access to the Internet. Only one entry is permitted per month.

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  1. In Kilburn SA, a very growing Muslim population why dont you label your meats Halal as to encourage Muslim customers to purchase such items.. Why are not all other meats halal..?? It is yr loss...

  2. Tell Mr anonymous he can get any amount of Halal food back where he came from or the lable call ping off is full of Muslim goodies with a bonus of a go home free card.
    And Mr Coles your hot Chicken idea to put the food into plastic bags is a real doozy. Here we are trying to eat healthy and you now pack hot chicken into plastic. I suspose you could lable the pack.
    Coles super fat chicken soaked to perfection in melted Chicken lard.
    Or simply Fatsos favourite Chicken a Coles favourite.
    Get a life your killing us with 2 and 3 of to get a special deal and general prices are far too high. As a pensioner I've had it. What the Government leaves us with you are only too happy to scoop it up

  3. I am extremely happy that Coles Traralgon again stocks Schweppes Lime and Soda 1.25 litre bottle this had been unavailable to purchase from the store for a long time! I found myself shopping elsewhere! I am also able to purchase from the MIX range and am very happy with the products. I find the serverce at Coles to be outstanding!!

  4. have been trying dog choc. from coles inverell for a couple of months now. always out of stock.
    if i have to go to another store to get them, will buy the rest of my grocerys at that store