Pizza Ranch's Loyalty Program

I often dine at Pizza Ranch near my house. Recently, i found a way to save money that is just to join the Ranch rewards program. The Ranch Rewards program is designed to thank their loyal customers, which allows members to earn points with each purchase. Earn 75 points and receive $5 in Ranch Rewards. And you can also get extra bonuses, coupons and member-only offers from Ranch Rewards.

How to Enroll in Ranch Rewards?

Step 1. Apply for a Ranch Rewards Card at one of the Pizza Ranch locations you most frequently visit or online at

Step 2. If you get your card in-store, you should visit Ranch Rewards website to register your membership profile at This will ask you to provide your card number and some required information.

Step 3. Once you're done, you can enter your Username and Password to log in to your account. Then you can start to earn rewards points. Every dollar you spend in participating Pizza Ranch stores, get one rewards point. And visit 5 times in the first 5 weeks, earn a $20 bonus on your card.

FAQs of Ranch Rewards Program:

Official Website:
Participating Locations:


  1. My most recent order was dated on 09/30/2015 for the amount of $21.31, yet this isn't showing on my ranch rewards account . What do I have to do to get my points added on ?

  2. We enjoy eating at the Pizza Ranch in Pueblo and the food and service are great, but ...On April 4th, as we were eating a couple came in with a dog in a baby stroller. They parked right next to us. The waiter said he had papers, whatever that meant. The couple looked healthy and otherwise okay. But to sit that close and have them fix their plates, plus one for the dog, which they fed, was not pleasant. Plus my husband has an allergy to dogs.