Subway Rewards Program

If you frequently visit SubWay restaurant, using the MySubWay Card will bring you the convenience and benefits. You can add money (between $5 and $100)to your SUBWAY? Cards at any time and use it to pay for the menu items. You can receive special offers. And you can also enroll in SubWay Card Rewards Program to earn free menu items.

How to Enroll in SUBWAY Card Rewards Program: First purchase a My SubWay Card at a participating SubWay restaurants or online at

Once you receive your card, you should visit the Register page on this site at to register your card. Then you can use your card to make your purchase at participating SubWay locations and you can earn your points for dollars you spend on the menu items. And then can redeem the points for free menu items.

You can login to anytime to check your rewards and manage your accounts.

This holiday season, giving the right gift is easy with the SUBWAY Card. Get one today because everyone loves a freshly made sub, they're just a little tricky to gift-wrap.

Official Website:

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. I was given a Subway Rewards card when I purchased an item. They told me I had to register this on line. I have tried several places, nothing works. I was told to go to, I have tried this also.
    How can you help me. Why can't I use my old card. Please explain, at

  2. I got a subway rewards card today and I have tried everything to register it they told me to go to and I can not get it register what am I doing wrong thank you

  3. You can just keep your damn subway cards. I have spent more money at subway than any other fast food place. I will eat at your damn place anymore, although I do like your food. Guess I'll try some other sub paces and you can keep stupid log in sight

  4. I am trying unsuccessfully to ' register ' this thing-----nothing works--- the heck with it!!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE A LOT OF LOYAL CUSTOMERS !!!!!!

  5. I just got my subway rewards card and cannot to register my card . I have tried for over an hour . This sucks !

  6. I am also unable to register the rewards card. The website doesn't send you to the right place. Subway., better get your act together!!

  7. Can't get this rewards card registered. I was hoping that some things had changed at Subway. Guess Not! Lost me . I'm sure that there are so many folks out there that have enjoyed Subway as I have. But don't offer me rewards when your not going to make the program available. We live in a society of convenience. This is defiantly not that.